Mechanical Structures and Engineering Techniques

We provide a variety of structural engineering services for industrial, commercial and institutional owners

Know our construction engineering services

The company has witnessed a remarkable growth rate since it commenced operations due to its objective to always strive for perfection in all its dealings. it is expected in the next few years that will achieve greater milestones of success and establish the company as a solid player in the area of construction services and engineering. In addtion, we have over the years been engaged in various sectors of the company, offering services in electrical, mechanical, civil, structural engineering and estate development. in a bid to maintain high standards of performance, we have signed cooperation agreement with reputable companies both locally and internationally.
The benefits of applying effective construction engineering solutions to a project are many:
Reduced construction cost
Improved quality and safety
Reduced construction risk
Buildings, infrastructure, engineering and urban regeneration

We are one of the leading end-to-end construction company

In a number of areas of construction engineering, Byron Group has pioneered the development of approaches and techniques that are now considered the industry standard.


We are never afraid to put push the boundaries, with our team of season engineers we make your idea a reality. 


Our experience is our leading virtue. We know what to do and how to do it.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas have always been a root business in Nigeria. Its steady potential promises yield for time to come.


We are one of the leading end-to-end engineering services and solutions company in the world.


We are in the business of getting you from point A to point B with ease, comfort, and style. We are good at it 


We are methodic and thorough, we design to your specifications and beyond. 
We integrate engineering design excellence with construction

A strong experience in construction

To provide excellent professional and quality services, attracting the most talented and experienced personnel who would function excellently towards best practices, utilizing time-tested principles and driven technology to consistently meet and exceed customers' expectations with continual improvement on quality and customer satisfaction.

To be the preferred provider of cutting-edge Engineering and in multi-disciplinary the highest quality of professional services, results, and client satisfaction in providing affordable and sustainable services.

Our Core Values

We adhere to best practices; devout time to understanding and implementing the expectations of our customers as designed and planned in terms of quality and at an optimal cost, thereby gaining the trust of our clients and other stakeholders.

We ensure our work is well organized in line and international standards and best practices so as to guarantee clients and all stakeholders that we would leave no stone unturned in our quest to get the job done on time, within budget, and of good quality in its entirety. 

We benchmark against the best in the industry and at the point where we become number one, we would consistently strive to surpass our best results. 


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